Study Tour 2013: 6 Word Memoir

Visiting an Ethiopian church.

Team Ethiopia Visiting an Ethiopian church in Addis.

Before our team left for Ethiopia we had them spend a day at the World Vision offices getting to know all about our work and, of course, our 30 Hour Famine team. One exercise we had each Study Tour member do was a 6 Word Memoir. (Here’s a little background if you aren’t familiar with 6 Word Memoirs)

We asked Team Ethiopia to write a 6 Word Memoir around their feelings about traveling to Ethiopia. This was written a few hours before their plane left. We let them keep it pretty open ended…either what they hope to learn, how they ended up here on the team, or what they hope to gain half a world away.

Study Tour 2013: 6 Word Memoir

Shaun: (not in the photo, he’s holding the camera!) cant wait to see everyone’s reaction!

Nikki: Honored to share in their journey

H.P: Third times the charm. Let’s go!

Caitlyn: Leap of faith, ended up here.

Ashtin: To inspire, and to be inspired

Jenna: willing hands, open minds, loving hearts.

Erin: It’s our time to make change.

Wade: Fell away, yet given another chance.

Caryann: Hungry. Tired. Jetlag. Change the world.

Spencer: Dedication pays off. So be dedicated.

Adam: Big change from the smallest state! (Rhode Island)

Tess: His plans, are larger than me.

How about you? Post your 6 Word Memoir in the comments!