Study Tour 2013: We Are Off!


Study Tour 2013: Team Ethiopia

Nikki Myers, 30 Hour Famine Outreach Manager

10 students, 2 adults and 8,000+ miles separate us from Mek’ele, Ethiopia. Study Tour 2013 has officially begun. We have a super packed week, some 4:30am wake up calls and amazing experiences ahead.

Our itinerary includes visiting families benefiting from food and water projects, playing soccer with a youth club and seeing how this community, with the assistance of World Vision, is investing in and developing their youth. Just the thought of these students interacting with teenagers on the other side of the country gets me giddy. You all have a role in this and I can’t wait to come back and share pictures and stories of how the funds you raise change lives.

My hope is that Study Tour not only impacts the lives of the students that are on the trip but reaches you and your youth groups.  We are going to meet some of the “others” that we mention when we say “You go hungry so others don’t have to.”

You are a part of this journey with us and we would covet your prayers!

Prayers for safety: this journey is far and many modes of transportation are required. Pray for safety, ease of travel and the Lord’s hand of protection.

Prayers for unity: As I mentioned above… 10 students, 2 adults and 8000+ miles. Need I say more? These students have never met prior to this trip and while their communication on Facebook has been extensive, car rides, hunger, jet lag, and tiredness can all get in the way of unity.

Prayers for the hearts & minds of the students: Poverty is a difficult thing to see firsthand, please pray that in their brokenness they will be filled with the Lord’s strength.

Prayers for the unknown: There is a reason behind each student going on this trip. We may realize it while we are in Ethiopia, we may realize it 5 years from now when one of them starts a non-profit that will change the lives of others because of this experience (it has happened before!).

Erin Mosier, a member of Team Ethiopia says it best: I really don’t know what to expect with the trip. I have never done anything like this so I have no idea what’s going to happen. Some wise man (aka my dad) told me something from the very begging that has stuck with me, “Erin you have no idea what’s going to happen but you’re a girl who loves rides and roller coasters, so enjoy this crazy ride that life is taking you on.” Going in a trip like this was once just a dream and now this dream is becoming reality! I can’t wait to live every minute of this “roller coaster”!  I know that if God is sending me on this trip it’s going to be amazing! 

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