When did you see God today?


Erin Mosier, 2013 Study Tour Participant

erinA few hours before our study tour team boarded the plane bound for Ethiopia, someone challenged us with this thought: “Let your heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.” Filled with mix of emotions I had no idea what to expect. There was nerves, joy, and happiness. And a dream that was becoming reality!

Coming home from the trip was much more difficult than I expected. I found myself feeling lonely and sad. All I wanted was to go back. It took me a few days to decompress before I could open up and really talk about it; but then I realized this was our story to tell the world. God gave me and the team this amazing opportunity to travel to Ethiopia and see 30 Hour Famine funds in action and see the beautiful work of God through others.

On the trip, we were regularly asked, “When did you see God today?” Really, it hardly felt like there was a moment that I didn’t see God — He was everywhere. He was in the smile of the children running around and loving life with the little they had. He was in the tears of a farmer telling us the difference World Vision has made for him while we were standing on his farm. He was in the voice of the man telling us that he would never forget us because we were the first people to hear his story, asks questions and not just take pictures to post online. He was in the last hug my little buddy Leul gave me as we were leaving and then when I was in the car and he put his hand up to my hand with only a window between us and the kisses he was blowing. He was in the connection I made with people who didn’t speak the same language as me. He was in the love that was all around us. And He was in the breathtaking scenery of Ethiopia.

photoI’d heard stories, seen pictures, and watched videos about Africa: but there’s nothing like standing there and seeing the beauty through your own eyes. Before the trip started I thought my heart was going to be broken more with what I was going to see, but instead I was filled with joy and hope. Another thing I learned on the trip was you don’t need to know the same language to understand happiness and love. There are so many memories and stories I will always hold in my heart and never forget from this trip. The memories and friendships that we made can never be replaced. I now know for the rest of my life I want to help others around the world. It’s our time to make a change.