You are creative!


mark oestreicherMark Oestreicher, Partner at The Youth Cartel

As “made in God’s image” creatures, we are all creative – no theological way around that. But I find that so many think creativity demands an ex nihilo magic, a new thing out of nothing (like God’s creation of the world). No so, fellow creative creatures! Most of the best creativity in youth ministry comes from modifying, tweaking, and customizing existing ideas to meet the specific needs of your teenagers.

Help your teenagers remember that they’re creative!

Little kids all believe they’re creative. But that belief starts to get squeezed out through the later elementary years. And it really takes a beating during the teenage years. Really, it’s a biblical mandate that we view our students as creative beings, made in the image of a super-creative God! We need to be passionate about fanning the flame of their creativity, stoking the fires of their dreams, developing the space for their explorations!