A New School Year and a New Youth Group

Emily Capes, Director of Youth Ministries, Lebanon FUMC

992999_10151908217950466_626088937_nIt’s Fall and our youth have already started another school year.  Can you believe it??

Soooo… Are you the youth minister who has already planned out your entire school year? Maybe you have sent a letter to the families and have created beautiful graphics for your church website. Or are you the youth minister who remembers to get out some information about what might happen in the next month or even next week? Maybe you are a full time paid staff member or maybe you are a mom who is trying to keep the youth ministry together.

No matter how you schedule your ministry events – you are in ministry with teenagers and parents.  And for that we are incredibly thankful.

Also, thank you for being a part of the 30 Hour Famine community!

Looking at this next school year when do you have the Famine on your 2013-2014 calendar?

I just started as the youth minister at a new church about four months ago. The youth at this church have not participated in a 30 Hour Famine for the past eight years. I’m actually not sure if they’ve ever done one!  I sent out a tentative calendar for the school year and I have the 30 Hour Famine set for this next spring. But to be perfectly honest the youth and parents haven’t bought into it yet.

I am working on educating my youth leadership team about World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine so they will be willing to take the risk to try this life changing experience. Many of them are uncertain about the whole “not eating for 30 hours” part.

I strongly believe that its part of our job as youth leaders to help them realize that there is a world beyond their own. By participating in the 30 Hour Famine they will feel hungry. Most of us don’t experience real hunger in our day-to-day lives. 30 hours of hunger is actually a short period of time. But by feeling the pain of hunger they can also feel compassion for what children and teenagers around the world feel every single day.

And there is the bonus of raising money to change some of those life circumstances as well!

That is why it is sooo important to make sure that we don’t let this school year pass us by without doing the Famine.  It is important to help our youth connect and understand with those who are hungry around the world. This point of connection is ministry and what make this not just another fundraiser. Helping our youth find understanding by standing in the shoes of another is a challenge but well worth it.

Thank you for creating relationships and opportunities with and for teenagers to realize the fact that they are a light in this world!