Creative Ways to Boost Your 30 Hour Famine Income Before or After Your Famine


Sean Garner, Director of Youth Ministry at Hempfield United Methodist Church, Lancaster Pennsylvania

spaghettiIn our ministry, we believe that if God provides the vision then he will provide the funds.

But in the daily grind of your regular ministry it can get tiring to thing of new and creative ways to open opportunities for God to provide…

Partner with restaurants

The general American culture (even within your great church) will not understand fasting. So, don’t ask them to! Find a local eatery willing to donate a percentage of a purchase of a meal for a single night to World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. Get the word out to your congregation early (at the same time you’re promoting the Famine- either before or afterwards) and you’ll be amazed at the results. Many chain restaurants already have these programs in place, you simply need to plan for NEXT year now. Four nights of partnering with a local business raises enough money to feed two children for an entire year for our ministry.

Start a Penny War

Simple challenges with LOW investment can have amazing results. A simple girls versus boys or high school versus middle school challenges for the 30 days leading up to (or 30 days following) your 30 Hour Famine event creates momentum and income that can even involve your congregation. Light-hearted competition taps into the natural need for your group to compete. And every penny counts! For example, our Penny Wars (where pennies in a jar count toward your team & dollars or coins count against your team) raises enough funds to sponsor over two children for an entire year, as well!

Feast for Famine

A week before or after your Famine, host a Spaghetti Dinner (with an additional silent auction) for your students friends, family and the community during your regular ministry event time (typically Sunday or Wednesday nights for most people). This opportunity lets your team of volunteers, parents or teens build deeper relationships as they serve and builds momentum and conversation about what the actual 30 Hour Famine.

Use the power of the Interweb!

Plan NOW for a media campaign blitz (even if it’s just creative emails or Facebook notices) with links to the Famine website to open the door for online giving. You would be amazed at how many students will copy the picture you post as their own status or forward your quote on Twitter. Always include a link to your church’s, youth group or the official 30 Hour Famine website with every email or post- let the internet build momentum without YOU being around.

Become a walking billboard

Use any Famine gear you have (t-shirts, etc) and become an open invitation for people remember to give. It seems VERY silly, but it is an effective way to open conversations.