Why I loved The Summit


rocket-fuelJust when you think you can’t fit one more thing in….you realize there’s something more that you really want to fit in.  Isn’t that just the way it goes?

In the fall, there is a plethora of conferences for youth workers.  We love this at 30 Hour Famine but it also that means a lot of travel.  We are blessed with great conversations with youth workers from around the country—many of whom we consider to be friends.  But it’s cuh-razy busy for us.

And then last year, came The Summit.

My expectations of The Youth Cartel are high.  Continuous and random sense of humor.  Bright and edgy business minds.  A love for Christ, teenagers, and youth workers that has no limits.  That also means that my expectations for The Summit were high, so let me tell you why it didn’t disappoint.

1. Learn, challenge and stretch. I’m a Fifth Discipline fan. That’s how I lead the team at 30 Hour Famine—I want us to be in constant growth mode, and every conference we attend, we try to make time to get to sessions.  However, at most conferences, there’s just too much going on for us to be there as “30 Hour Famine” and also as youth workers.  At The Summit, we were able to attend the entire conference from start to finish.  From a youth ministry approach with a smart business sense, every jam-packed-TED-style presentation had significant value.  I loved the combination of ministry and business savvy.
2. I’m a youth leader.  Not just at my day job, but at my church.  I was able to dig in deep at the sessions and feel challenged.  I brought back more to my church.  I heard things that were new ideas to me.  That’s just cool.
3. We had access to the speakers to dig in deeper after sessions and ask really tough questions.  There was incredible momentum and sparks of brilliance with many of the speakers, and the ability to have a “fireside chat” with them was unique and made me listen to their presentations with more intention.

Bottom line?  The Summit is a “do not miss” in my book.  That is why we’re partnering with The Youth Cartel again this year.  We’d love to see you there, would love to hang out with you, would love to talk 30 Hour Famine and sit with you in a session. And as part of our partnership on The Summit, we get to do something very cool: we get to offer our peeps a discount. Yup, using the code FAMINE when you register will give you $129 rate, instead of $169 (a sweet 40 bucks off!).

My advice?  Have high expectations and know that the only thing left to regret is not being there.   We’re looking forward to hanging out with you in Atlanta November 8 and 9!