Not your typical training event



Shawn Kiger, Wright’s Chapel United Methodist Church, Ladysmith, Virginia

Last November I had the opportunity to attend The Summit in Atlanta, put on by The Youth Cartel, in partnership with 30 Hour Famine. When I go on training events I like to take my entire volunteer team and my pastor if possible. It worked out last year that all of them were able to go with me.

The Summit is not your typical training event or conference. It is kind of a hard event to describe (unless “awesome” is a good enough descriptor for you!). There are 18 or so presenters who each talk for 15 minutes or less (TED-talk style). After each session you can choose one of the presenters you just heard and ask them some questions about what they talked about. This gave us the opportunity to pick their brain a little bit.

Not every event gives you this kind of access to the presenters and the after-sessions were really helpful.

One of the really cool things about The Summit is the diversity of the presenters. Not only was it a good mix of male and female speakers and ethnicities, but there was a lot of diversity in the presenters’ careers. It wasn’t just 18 youth workers speaking. They were a spectrum of pastors and youth pastors to CEO’s and non-profit leaders. It gave us the opportunity to look at other contexts outside of the youth ministry world to give us ideas for youth ministry. My favorite part was being able to listen to all of the presenters and then getting together with my team and dream big about the future of our ministry.

I just moved to a new church and have already signed up to go again this year; and I’m bringing along some other staff from the church including the pastor. It’s a great idea to bring along your Sr. pastor to dream big together. I am looking forward to hearing the diverse lineup of speakers again this year. Sign up and join us to get away from the day-to-day youth ministry stuff and dream big about what ministry could be at your church. Then we can go home and breathe life into some of those new ideas!

Since 30 Hour Famine is a partner on The Summit, we get to pass along a special discount! Yeah, if you use the code FAMINE when you register, you’ll get a $129 rate, instead of $169 (a sweet 40 bucks off!). Check out The Summit here.