30 Hour Famine Partners with Sticky Faith for Your Ministry


sticky-faith-logoAn announcement from the Fuller Youth Institute and World Visions’ 30 Hour Famine:

Through our research at the Fuller Youth Institute, we’ve uncovered some critical factors that help young people develop the lifelong faith they need. Included in those factors are involvement in justice and service, and a deeper understanding of the gospel that scripture proclaims as “good news for the poor.” That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a partnership with World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine team this year to weave Sticky Faith into the Famine experience.

At World Vision, our approach with 30 Hour Famine is to help youth workers create an opportunity for a path of spiritual transformation for young people—particularly when it comes to acts of service. That’s why we are so passionate about this partnership with Sticky Faith. There are all kinds of natural connection points between these two programs, and we’ve included Sticky Faith “moments” as special callouts in our 2014 30 Hour Famine Leader’s Guide.

Both of our teams want to encourage you to dig in deeper in both areas—your students’ faith journey as well as their desire to serve—so this year we are giving a Sticky Faith Youth Worker Edition book to every church group that signs up for the 30 Hour Famine. We hope that the book inspires you to find new Sticky Faith connection points for your students. Please share your ideas on our Famine blog or Facebook page!

One thing the Fuller Youth Institute has learned is that an event like the 30 Hour Famine can be a catalyst that sparks lifelong passion for involvement in serving those affected by poverty and injustice. But it’s only a catalyst if we intentionally make it more than just a one-weekend event. We hope the Famine will help you launch yearlong engagement with these critical global issues. Even more, we hope it will help you and your students engage real children and adults in need, whether they’re around the corner or around the world.

Together for the Kingdom,

Kara Powell and Brad Griffin, Fuller Youth Institute, coauthors of Sticky Faith
Leah Swindon
, World Vision’s National Director for Youth Mobilization and 30 Hour Famine