What We Are Thankful For


From the 30 Hour Famine Team

Working for an organization that focuses on the world’s poor, gives us endless opportunities to give thanks. Each day we’re reminded of how much we have to be thankful for…starting with you!

30HF team is thankful

David: I am thankful for youth leaders who have a passion to show Christ to their students and are available to help any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This year I am also thankful for friends and family who rally together during difficult times.

Nikki:  This thanksgiving I am thankful for the Famine community- it’s a pretty spectacular thing to be surrounded and supported by so many people who love and care for those in need. It’s something so near and dear to my heart and hearing the passion and stories of those that feel the same is so encouraging.

I am also thankful for the chance to explore Gods creation this last year. I’ve been fortunate enough to see a few different countries and the diversity and beauty of the world is truly amazing.

Leah: I am thankful for the stories we hear from our youth leaders and students about how they have made the 30HF a personal transformation experience.  When we meet people at conferences, read updates on social media, or get phone calls and emails about what God did in that space with them…it’s humbling, and we are blessed to be a small part of that.

I’m also thankful for my amazing family, church, and living in the beautiful northwest.  But ultimately, I am thankful that we have a God who loves us and allows us to be used as His handiwork in all that we do–that we “get to” wake up as serve Him every day. 

Hilary: I am thankful for the unstoppable student. You know who I’m taking about. The one who isn’t afraid to get out there and talk about the world’s poor, even if no one is listening. The one who gives what little money they have, even if they know it doesn’t amount to much. The one who isn’t afraid to speak up for those who need defending, even if it’s not the “cool” thing to do. I am thankful for that unstoppable student who is well on their way to changing the world, and ending hunger.

This year, I am also thankful for my brand new, wonderful marriage. 3 weeks strong! Woo!

Dan: What I’m thankful for this year is generosity. The generosity of leaders who work tirelessly so that their youth will grow closer to each other and to God. I hear amazing stories from youth leaders who serve so generously.  I’m truly humbled to share just a bit of their ministry through the 30 Hour Famine.

I just heard a sermon at church about the story of a church where the pastor challenged the church to leave their shoes at the altar. Shoes that would be given to the poor. The poor that generally get donated shoes at the end of their life…never Sunday bests shoes. It got me thinking, would I give up my best shoes?  Just because someone asked?  My Sunday best?  I hope that I will be that generous when God stirs in my soul. When encountered with a need that I respond with a spirit of love and generosity. A gift really. A gift given freely.  So what am I thankful for this Thanksgiving?  I’m thankful that I have shoes to give. And I pray for the spirit to give them away.