BRAND-NEW 30 Hour Famine Curriculum coming your way!


LIVE curriculum Writers

We are so excited to announce a brand-new 30 Hour famine curriculum for the three weeks leading up to your Famine and the week after your event. We heard your requests and gathered some awesome Famine veterans to put together a series of lesson plans for you to use, adapt and lead your students through. For our Famine groups…it’s free! Here’s a link to download the curriculum , and read below for a sneak peek into each lesson plan and a chance to get to know our writers.

Week 1: We are: Invited

The 30 Hour Famine is a call to action based on fasting–a physical and spiritual experience that causes students to empathize with hungry children around the world. Learning to serve others in a manner that is a personal experience is an important facet of how teenagers learn about God’s love and grace. God calls us to serve according to our gifts, yet the challenge is to do so in a way that glorifies him, not ourselves. This lesson will examine the individual nature of serving and the importance of letting God’s glory show through our actions.

Written by 30 Hour Famine’s own National Director, Leah Swindon

Leah is passionate about youth ministry because as a teenager, that’s how she really came to know Christ. Fast forward to now–she’s the director of the Youth Mobilization team at World Vision, which includes 30 Hour Famine, Childhood Lost, and ACT:S, World Vision’s college facing programs. She’s the youth leader at her local church and considers her current role at World Vision the best job in the world–working with young people and youth pastors and watching Christ’s love come alive in the actions of our students. Who could ask for more?

Week 2: We are: Neighbors

The 30 Hour Famine experience can drastically change the way students think about the needs of others. Ask anyone to describe their neighbor and you will likely hear stories about the people who live closest to their home. Our definition of “neighbor” is usually based on physical proximity, which may include people who are somewhat like us. This lesson will use the Parable of the Good Samaritan to broaden your students’ personal definition of neighbor and prepare their hearts for a compassionate response to the 30 Hour Famine experience.

Written by Chris McKenna of Cornerstone Church

After a 12-year career as a CPA, Chris is in the unique position of leading both middle school ministry and advancement (stewardship) at Cornerstone Church. On the surface, it’s a Jekyll and Hyde combination, but this unusual mix of chaos and organization is truly a match made in heaven. Cornerstone has been participating in the 30-Hour Famine since 1999! Chris’ favorite part of the Famine experience is watching how God softens student hearts towards the needs of the poor and forgotten. Outside of the office, give Chris his family, a trail, good friends, and a pair of running shoes, and he’s content. It’s through nature that he finds comfort in the LORD. Using John 10:10 as his guide, Chris is in a constant pursuit of the full life promised by Christ.

Week 3: We are: Hungry!

Since Old Testament times, God’s people have used the discipline of fasting as a way to draw near to God. And, it’s the activity that fuels the 30 Hour Famine experience! On the surface, depriving yourself of good food is just plain crazy-especially if you’re a teenager! But, if properly understood, fasting has the power to transform the hearts and minds of your students. This lesson will walk alongside Jesus as he battles with Satan at the end of a 40-day fast.

Asking your students to fast MUST be accompanied with explaining WHY they should fast. This lesson will look at fasting and how it has the power to produce fruit externally and internally.

Written by: Jeff Whye of Grace Church of Glendora

Jeff serves as a Student Ministries Pastor in Southern California. More than anything he enjoys his first ministry at home with his wife Nicky, 2 year old son Justice and 7 month old daughter Holland. Other than craving constant socializing, Jeff loves movies at high decibel levels. Jeff has a B.A. from Anderson University and a Master’s degree in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. In 2013 Jeff was blessed to accompany World Vision on a Vision Trip to Zimbabwe. Seeing the work and the people with his very own eyes while interacting and learning from the local Insiza communities changed Jeff’s perspective and mindset to how he now sees the World. Last year Jeff experienced the 30 Hour Famine with his High School students for the first time; the transformation that his students experienced spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally was monumental towards their discipleship.

We are: Ready

Your group’s 30 Hour Famine experience has ended but our participation in God’s kingdom simply must not end. The concepts of neighbor, service and what your students are capable of have been changed. This lesson will look at how we are sent, constantly, to be Jesus to our world.

Written by Brad Hauge of First Presbyterian Church

Brad Hauge really likes Jesus and he really likes students. And he really likes helping students realize they can totally be a part of what Jesus is up to in our world. Brad gets to do that for a living in Spokane, WA where he works as the Director of High School Ministries at First Presbyterian Church. He’s participated in many 30 Hour Famines as both a student and leader and is blessed to work in a church that supports their middle school’s incredible 30 Hour Famine participation in huge ways. He is blown away by the impact the 30 Hour Famine has in both the lives of students and the lives of those benefitting from the funds and awareness raised and is honored to be part of this project.