Great, Busy, Fun, Busy, Crazy, Busy


Kara Isaacson-Mclean

Thinking of ideasIf you’re like us, you love the 30 Hour Famine and all that it means and the people that come to LIFE during their experience! It is what makes us come back to it each and every year. But, what can we do to make it better? What can we do to make the month less stressful? What can we do to get more youth involved and make it even more life changing and fun?

Plan. No, really. Plan it out, in advance, like months in advance. Get a team of 3-5 people and plan out the shell of the event and the month. Make a list of the to do’s and identify people who can and will be committed to making the event successful. By spreading out the list of to do’s, you free yourself up to be creative, and have people reporting to you on their progress versus you doing it all yourself. It works.

We begin planning our event months in advance. We begin with the end in mind. We determine our goals and work backward from there. For example, what is the amount we want to raise, how many salvations of local youth to we want to occur, in what way do we want this event to impact those involved and the community. Once, we know the answers to those questions – and we keep them top of mind – we begin planning out the event weekend. From there we work backward for 4 weeks and create team challenges that the youth will work on to raise funds. We begin identifying people that may be good team leaders and meet with them to develop leadership skills. We work with the marketing department of our church so they have time to create the fun and eye-catching graphics we may need. We always, always, keep our Pastor up to date on everything by way of an executive team (1-2 people from the 3-5 person group) because it is our desire that everything we do fall in line with the vision of our church as a whole. We crave unity. Where there is unity, the power of God can be unleashed!

Think outside the box: Serve You Saturday’s as a way for congregation members to be involved – we do their yard work or small jobs around the house and they contribute. Crush an egg on a Pastor’s head for donation. Compete to see how many phone books someone can rip in a minute for donation.

Think old school: Bake sales. Door to door. Phone calls.

You name it, you can do it! Get crazy! Be wild! Start now.