Nikki Myers

I volunteer with a mentorship organization in Seattle working with at-risk and vulnerable teens. The program addresses a variety of topics but puts a heavy emphasis on integrity, ownership and on developing life skills that will set teenagers up for success. One of the highlights for me is getting to see the transformation of students who rise above their circumstances and find their voice and their confidence. I see students who change the trajectory of their lives as they transform into individuals they didn’t know they could be and do things they never thought possible.

As the Outreach Manager of the 30 Hour Famine I also get to hear testimonies of transformation from leaders and students after their Famine experiences. I hear stories of students’ eyes being opened to issues of social justice, global hunger, and the poor, and testimonies of students who have come to know the Lord during their group’s Famine event. During those 30 hours they see their peers, adult leaders and mentors giving of themselves for a cause much bigger than themselves. They see love, sacrifice, justice; and I really believe Jesus, in these moments, transforms them.

Transformation is a powerful thing–for the one being changed, those who play a hosting role in the transformation, and even those who observe from the outside.

As youth leaders you all play a part in the transformation of young people. What an awesome (and heavy) responsibility. My hope for each of you is that there are people in your life that you can rejoice in stories of transformation, and ways that you can be refueled in your ministry for this task the Lord has called you to. One way to do that is through gathering with like-minded folks. This year, Simply Youth Ministry has chosen this idea of transformation as the theme for their conference.

Here’s how they describe it…

If you’re a youth worker, this moment beats all other moments…

It’s the moment when you know that somehow, some way, something you’ve said or done has changed everything for a teenager— God has taken that little mustard seed you planted and grown it into something huge. And you know that teenager’s story will never be the same. And that student’s transformed story, like a rock thrown in a lake, will ripple out into future history for generations…

There’s no better moment than that one… To know that we’ve been invited into God’s epic redemption adventure, not as a pawn, but as a son or daughter—and to have what we say and do actually matter for something that will last for eternity… Well, wow…

This is really the meaning of life—it’s the truth about our identity and our worth and our purpose. We are created to freely answer “yes” when God invites us into His adventure. And we are not merely a backdrop to what He is doing; we are “co-laborers” in His vineyard. We are working right alongside Him, invited into His “inner circle” as sons and daughters who are heirs of His Kingdom.

Our great calling is to play a role in others’ “story of transformation” as an outflow from our own story of transformation. And at SYMC, we’ll gather to throw fuel on that fire—to edge our way a little deeper into the freedom Jesus has won for us, and to find ways to more deeply impact others because of that freedom…

Consider joining us at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, March 7-10, in Columbus, Ohio.

We were able to get a discount for Famine leaders, so use the promo code FAMINE to get $25 bucks off your registration (and hurry because early registration prices end Wednesday, 1/15).

We hope to see you there and have a chance to hear your story of transformation.