Here Comes the National Weekend!


here comes the national weekend.nikki

Nikki Myers, Famine Outreach Manager

The 30 Hour Famine calendar is a weird one. November 13, 2012 (yes 2012) is when our creative team first shared the idea of “release the feast” as the theme for this year.  We were sold and for the past 15 months we have been planning and praying for this exact weekend. Planning for the games, videos, fundraising ideas and lesson plans. Praying for the thousands of youth groups that will give up food on behalf of those around the world who simply don’t have it.

And it is finally here… the first National Famine Weekend.

As you head into the weekend, remember:

1. We’re here for you. If you have any last minute questions, or if you simply want some great ideas or prayer, give us a ring at 1.800.7.FAMINE

2. Get social! We LOVE to see and read what your group is doing. Honestly—it feeds our soul and it’s an awesome way to share your ideas with other groups.  Hilary (our social gal) will be on the lookout, and will be giving shout-outs to groups all weekend long! This leads me to my 3rd point…

3. Join the website takeover! Visit during the weekend and you will be able to see all the social media that is happening around the country. Your group is not alone this weekend–inspire your students by the magnitude of what they and their peers are doing. Simply use #30HF or #30hourfamine to be featured!

4. Fundraise till the end. You have heard us say this before but without raising funds the Famine is just a nice idea. As you saw in Leah’s blog last week, incredible progress is being made in reducing the number of deaths related to hunger, but there is much more to be done. Every quarter, dollar and Franklin you raise goes towards helping provide food and care for kids in need.

Finally, you all are awesome. Thank you for inviting 30 Hour Famine into your student ministry and partnering with us as we RELEASE THE FEAST. We are praying for you all and anticipating the great ways God will reveal Himself to your students this weekend.

Happy Famine weekend!