What’s “new” about hunger?


famine4Do you ever get stuck in a rut?  Do you find yourself entering Famine season and trying to figure out how you’re going to make it all happen again this year?  I lead the 30 Hour Famine team here at World Vision butwhen I put on my youth leader hat and go home, I face the same challenges that many of you do.  So many things can interrupt the work we are doing—weather issues, church schedules, volunteers backing out at the last minute. Believe me…I’ve been there.

Let’s be real.  Doing the Famine can both be the best and the most challenging thing we do all year.  When I start to feel challenged, I do a bit of digging in and ask myself: what’s driving me to keep this going?  I start by thinking about how my students draw closer to Christ through the Famine.  I love being able to witness that.  Then –as if I need more of a reason– I remember where we are on this global issue called “hunger.”  Here are a couple thoughts that continue to motivate me.

First, when we’re talking about global problems like hunger—we’re not done until it’s eliminated.  Period.  Can I just say that again?  Hunger still exists.

famine 1On the flip side, it’s so important to celebrate the amazing progression that has happened over the years—thanks in part to 30 Hour Famine groups! In 1992, 42,000 children a day were dying from hunger related causes.

  • Just today, I was watching a 30 Hour Famine video from 1999 (yes, that’s like going back to old family photo albums!) When the video was filmed, 33,000 children were dying per day.
  • Last week, I was reading a summary of notes from Kali DiMarco from St Philips church in Norwalk CT.  Her notes from 2004 talked about 29,000 children dying per day.
  • Today, it’s 19,000.

See where I am going here?

Famine 2This is an amazing and powerful story of change!  Change that you and your students have played a SIGNIFICANT role in.  Now we talk about 19,000 children dying per day, which in itself is devastating and needs to continue to change.  But over the past 20 years, there’s been a 55% positive trend in a global battle against hunger.  And that’s you, leading your students to be world changers in the name of Jesus.

This is how I rally before the 30 Hour Famine. Until hunger is GONE, we’re not done.  Are you in?