National Date Resources!


This weekend, roughly 70,000 teenagers will participate in 30 Hour Famine! How exciting is that!?

If you’re leading a 30 Hour Famine this weekend, we wanted to make sure you are aware of some additional resources (on top of all the great stuff in the Leader’s Guide) to assist you:

Homepage Takeover

Starting, well, yesterday, the 30 Hour Famine homepage features an overlay of YOUR content: tweets and Facebook posts and Instagram photos. If you don’t see this full-screen content on the home page, just click on the little sticker in the upper right corner that says “FASTING, TWEETING, HELPING NOW.” To see your photos and tweets and status updates on the 30 Hour Famine homepage, just tag it with #30HF or #30hourfamine, and watch the magic.

Of course, you can also make sure you’re following the 30 Hour Famine Twitter feed (@30HF), Facebook page (wv30hf), and Instagram feed (@30hf) for some much needed encouragement and inspiration.

Pro-tip: if any of your teens ever get bored at some point during your event, give them access to the homepage and have them find some stuff to share with your group.

Famine for One

We’re very excited about our new baby, just born in the last few weeks. Famine for One is a version of the 30 Hour Famine designed for college students, adults, and Famine alumni. We’re doing a few things to try to get the word out; but we would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about FF1 to parents, former youth group members, and others in your church and community. Click here to check it out.

Pro-tip: Tell your Famine participants about FF1 and ask them to encourage their parents and older siblings to consider participating.

New 30 Hour Famine Videos

Yup, we’ve created three BRAND NEW videos for you to use this weekend. Those three are in addition to the massive quantity of amazing videos available for you to use, on our Youtube channel (the30hourfamine).

The three new videos are:

Kickoff your Famine Weekend! 1 minute and 42 seconds of encouragement for the start of your 30 Hour Famine.

A Famine Prayer. 3 minutes and 47 seconds of cuteness (little Aussie kids!) with a beautiful spiritual message.

30 Hours…done! 1 minute and 40 seconds of end-of-Famine encouragement, including an hour 31 (#hour31) interactive challenge.

Here’s the middle one of those. Just check out the oh-my-goodness-they’re-cute-ness of this video:

Pro-tip: Duh; use these three videos (and some of the others on the Famine YouTube page) to add some media pop to your experience and to remind your students that they are part of something HUGE!