Introducing Team El Salvador: Study Tour 2014!




Study Tour Season… what our team looks forward to year-round. We love having the opportunity to ‘meet’ so many students through application videos, skype calls, and reference letters. We hear how the 30 Hour Famine experience has inspired you to want more…to see more, and do more for those in need! Thank you to everyone who applied. It is encouraging, humbling and so (extremely) difficult to narrow it down to only a handful of students. We were so impressed by your passion, intelligence, compassion, video skills, you name it!

The Study Tour, now in its 23rd year – is an awesome opportunity to learn firsthand from local community members and come away with a more holistic understanding of global hunger and poverty — and how we can become even stronger ambassadors for the poor.

After much prayer & discussion, we have selected the students for this years’ Study. Without further ado… We give you… #TeamElSalvador!

Paige Rouse, Clemson, SC

Fun Fact: She plays 3 instruments! Mandolin, piano and violin (for 9 years!)

Michael Falbo, Norwalk, CT

Fun Fact: He’s terrrrified of Spider (We can’t guarantee there aren’t any in El Salvador, though!)

Haley Stanley, Dobson, NC

Fun Fact: She’s a sucker for corny jokes! (This one’s for you, Haley: What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? “Where’s pop corn?)

David Lorenz, Hinsdale, IL

Fun Fact: He coaches a youth league basketball team in his free time!

Beth Hoffman, Glen Mills, PA

Fun Fact: She cringes at the word: tissue, raw, moist and scalp. (I can guarantee the team is going to have a hay-day with this one come august!)

Lizzie Franklin, San Dimas, CA

Fun Fact: She loves to surf and has swam with dolphins and seals!