Be Flexible


Nikki Myers, 30 Hour Famine team

study tour postI had my first grey hair when I was 9 years old. No lie. It’s unclear whether this was a direct cause of stress, but my family would argue so. To say that I worried a lot as a kid is an understatement. Each time we drove to a new place I was convinced we were lost. When the refrigerator got a little sparser than I felt comfortable with, I feared we were out of money, out of food, and soon to be out of house. When a sports team lost I would cry because I worried they would get in trouble by their coach. My family tried to assure me- we weren’t lost, I just hadn’t been here before. We still had some money- mom and dad just hadn’t been grocery shopping. And well, some of us will just never be competitive.

I still struggle with worrying about things. I have taken this to the Lord and asked for peace, which He is often gracious with, but I also know I have a tendency to take control, to over plan and to think too much. Thus, flexibility is not my strong suit. However, as I prepare to lead this years’ 30 Hour Famine Study Tour, I impress the importance of flexibility to our team. We had our first team video call today and there were two big takeaways. 1. Be flexible and 2. Leave your expectations at home.

Neither of these are easy things to do, let alone when you go to another country…with new people…and not a lot of idea of what you will be doing. However, there is a certain level of excitement with flexibility because it creates space to let the Lord work, to be surprised and amazed.

That is one of my prayers for our Study Tour team this year. The agenda is intentional and very full, we will be meeting incredible people, visiting food and community projects and hearing stories about how efforts like 30 Hour Famine have helped improve the lives of families and children. We are a small group with the privilege to see World Vision’s work in the field and with that comes the responsibility to report that information back to you. A responsibility we don’t take lightly. And so, we will be coming back with stories told through blogs, pictures and videos. But we will also leave space for the surprises, for the unexpected adventures. As I think back to my time last summer with Team Ethiopia it was some of those unexpected moments that stand out so strongly and I am excited to leave space for that on this trip as well. To be flexible, to be open and to see how the Lord uses this trip for each student (If you haven’t read Abby’s story from Team Burundi already, you should!)

Thank you for joining us on this adventure and we would covet your prayers for safety, unity and spirits of flexibility. Follow 30HF on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay posted and follow along on the trip!