Seeing the Impact of 30 Hour Famine in Action


by Sean Garner

I tend to be a doubting Thomas kind of person–this faith thing can be hard! Trusting in something that you cannot see makes those choices in life more difficult. For example, if I’m raising money for the the 30 Hour Famine, how do I know it’s really feeding those in need.

The amazing thing about how the 30 Hour Famine works is that your church can see the impact of World Vision as YOU head out in to the world on your summer mission trips. For the past two weeks our ministry has been serving in Haiti–caring for the least, lost and needy and guess what we saw?!?

world vision warehouseWe saw a warehouse full of food from World Vision that will be used DAILY to feed those who are most in need. Boxes of food from the 30 Hour Famine was being served to families and children who were desperately in need of daily bread!

Can you imagine being able to share that with your teens this year? That the 30 Hour Famine isn’t just some “theory” or “charity” but that your effort to raise money goes directly to those who need it most around the world- and people have SEEN it.

That’s a cause that you can begin planning for today. It’s a movement that impacts thousands of ministries around the world to feed those with the most need.

Jesus told Thomas, “Stop doubting and believe” and I can encourage you to do the same thing. Through a random encounter in one of the poorest countries in the world- we walked into the 30 Hour Famine in action! There’s no need to doubt- your effort is being used for God’s glory in tangible ways around the world.