Still Hungry After All These Years?



Matt Williams

So, our youth group has about 9 months until our next 30 Hour Famine.  Normally, we would not even be thinking about the Famine for another 6 months.  But when we do our 2015 Famine, our youth will, God willing, celebrate some milestones during the event.  So, we have been contemplating ways to mark these milestones when we do the Famine in February.

One idea we had to mark the milestones is inviting all of our youth group “alumni” who did the Famine to return for some activities and our closing Eucharist service.  The 30 Hour Famine we do now was started and shaped by the young people that began it fifteen years ago, so they should be with us to celebrate.  Just think, the young lady who introduced the idea of sleeping outside in cardboard boxes as part of the Famine could come back and share her Famine experiences with the middle school students spending their first night in a box.  Or the blessed few who have been on a World Vision study tour could come to share how their experiences shaped the people they became ten years later.  The “Famine Reunion” seemed like a good idea, but I was not sure if the alumni would be interested.  After all, they are in college or working jobs all over the country.  Would they come back for a Famine with youth they didn’t even know?

So, I floated the idea with a few people.  Some were college students back home for the summer, and some were young adults working in nearby states.  And the resounding answer was YES!  They loved the idea of a reunion with a purpose, and the chance to encourage today’s youth group in their Famine.  But even more interesting was the question that many of these youth group alumni asked: if I come, can I do the Famine too?

How exceptionally cool is that?  They didn’t want to just come back to see old friends and reminisce… they wanted to once again do something to fight global hunger.  They liked the idea of looking back at what they helped to accomplish, but they also wanted to look forward and tackle the work that remains to be done.  These 20- and 30-somethings still had the hunger to do something about hunger.

While I don’t know exactly what our next Famine while look like, I know we will be inviting our youth group alumni back for the event.  And whether they come to the event, or just get re-connected through Famine for One, I am gratified to know that their passion to do something to fight hunger from their youth group days still burns in them now.  It is just more evidence that the Famine changes lives…but in this case, it is the Famine participants who remain changed!