Putting it All Together for the Kingdom


Adam McLane

for-the-kingdomEarlier this month I had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic to check out the work of the International Justice Mission.

The human trafficking trade illegally provides workers for the legal sex trade in resort areas. It’s a big problem in the DR so it was encouraging to discover that the government is welcoming the help of NGOs like IJM.

In my time there I got a glimpse of how IJM’s work will help address the issue from the perspective of legal intervention, restoration of the victims, and prosecution of the offenders. Their work will rescue girls and women, put their captors in prison, and help them re-establish a new life.

But as I learned more I couldn’t help but think about the perspective of prevention. Yes, one part of that is certainly dissuading traffickers with aggressive legal action. But what more can be done to help Dominicans be less vulnerable to human trafficking in the first place?

That’s when I remembered something awesome. Here in the States we think of organizations like IJM and World Vision as separate, almost like two books on the same shelf. We know IJM does their thing while World Vision does theirs. But out on the field, in countries like the Dominican Republic, IJM and World Vision can and often times do work complimentary for the same goals.

What makes a person vulnerable to trafficking? Poverty. Lack of secure housing. Lack of food security. Lack of education. These are issues that World Vision works on every day.

So, if you are like me and care about ending human trafficking, you need to know that when when you participate in the 30 Hour Famine or Childhood Lost you are helping to raise funds to address issues effecting the exact same people IJM is serving.

It’s pretty cool if you think about it. For me, it’s a great reminder that we’re not serving the little kingdoms of individual organizations, we’re serving the Kingdom of God.