By Brian Mateer

Choices - 30 Hour FamineThe alarm woke me this morning and I was confronted by the decision to either get out of bed or hit the snooze button one more time.  My wife starts her work day before I begin, so I have the responsibility of finishing breakfast and getting our four kids out the door to school on time.  If there aren’t setbacks, I know the exact time I need to leave the house with the kids in order to have everyone, including myself, where they need to be on time.  Five minutes can make or break our morning and can set the tone for the day.

Of course I opted to hit the snooze button and get the all-important five extra minutes of sleep.   And of course, we were late this morning.  It was the first of many choices I would have to make today.

What should I wear today?

Should I eat breakfast?  If, so what should I have?

What kind of coffee should I drink?

Which route should I take to work in order to avoid the most traffic?

Every day I have many choices and decisions to make, mostly small ones; but sometimes I’m faced with the opportunity to make big, life changing choices.

I was recently given a book by a senior pastor called, He Walks Among Us:  Encounters with Christ in a Broken World, written by Richard and Renee Stearns.   Rich is the president of World Vision and Renee is his wife.  The pastor knew I had partnered with World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine for many years.  The book is written about real people the Stearns’s have encountered during their travels around the globe.  I have used this book as a part of my morning devotions over the last year.

One of the quotes from Renee Stearns, from a trip to Romania, has echoed in my mind since reading it:

When I consider all of the things I have to be thankful for, I rarely consider the luxury of having choices.

Many people around the world don’t have the luxury of choice.  Sometimes when they do have a choice, it’s an almost impossible one, such as the young mother I met in Honduras in July who gave her child to an orphanage because she was unable to feed and care for her.  Every Sunday when this young mother is not working she travels six hours round trip to spend time with her daughter.

Participating in and raising funds for the 30 Hour Famine provides someone with the opportunity of a choice.  Choice is a luxury.

Make the choice today to sign up your group! And consider your other choices today, thanking God that they exist!