Feeding a Legacy: starting a passion for the Famine early


By Sean Garner

big old tree in autumn timeSo, you launched your ministry (college, youth or otherwise) as fall approached and you’re already creating a culture that will show its fruit by the time Spring arrives, good, bad, or otherwise.

Your indivdual teachings (as awesome as they are) and amazing announcements (so interesting, we bet…) get lost in the busy-ness of life. If you work with middle schoolers, they get lost within an hour.

You know the reality: every mistake you make in front of students gets repeated somehow–even if it’s even in whispers. And, successes (whether planned or not) create momentum and positivity. These little moments shape the tone of your ministry year, spilling over each other into the feel and tone of your group’s culture.

At our fall launch, we were greeting a new student who was entering our program for the first time, following in his older sister’s footsteps. When we asked if he was excited for a new school, a new bus, new classes, he interrupted us by yelling, “Yeah! And I get to do the Famine this year too!”

That’s the completely unexpected result God can bring when part of your ministry’s DNA includes the 30 Hour Famine. We weren’t manufacturing it–but since we lived it, he believed it and was excited about it. Using the Famine as part of your illustrations, parables and stories weaves it into the story of your ministry’s culture. It becomes a part of your group identity.

What simple ways can you include the 30 Hour Famine, not just as an event, but as part of your group’s culture? How can you use both your success and failures from last year’s Famine as stories to inspire and entertain the next year’s participants before they even commit to attending? Is there a way to partner their exploration and meaning of faith into action for the millions in need around the world?

This year’s theme is “Make It Your Fight.”  Can that be weaved into your stories, announcements and conversations BEFORE students even think about joining you?

Start now. In your first few weeks of the fall, become a group that lives and breathes the Famine–in a way that the next generation of teenagers can’t wait to participate in it with you!