Don’t Forget the Team


By Brian Mateer

円陣を組む若者達How many disciples were there? The most common answer is twelve. This is a trick question and the answer is actually thirteen, because Matthias replaced Judas (Act 1:26). Some say 72, in reference to Luke 10:1-24; and others argue at least 120 because that was the amount of “believers” present who helped choose Matthias. The easiest answer would be “lots” of disciples.

Recently, I have been thinking about who the ministry of Jesus was really for. The answer to the question seems to be rather obvious. Of course Jesus’ ministry is for everyone, but most particularly I have been reflecting on the various layers of who Jesus’ ministry reaches. Jesus’ ministry is for us, for the people of all times, for the people living during the time of Jesus as well as the disciples.

We know Jesus preached to large crowds, he feed the 5000 with a small offering of bread and fish, taught numerous people in the Temple of Jerusalem, had many followers and “lots” of disciples. It seems no matter how large the number of people, Jesus always took the opportunity to teach his inner circle, the twelve disciples. This is discipleship.

Those of us who work within the church have a reach of varying degrees. Some of us have very large numbers of people we work with and some of us very small numbers. No matter the number, we all have a team or an “inner circle” of people whom we are in ministry with together. We may have a volunteer team of adults, a leadership team of youth or some combination of both. We as leaders need to make sure we do not miss opportunities to nurture, teach and point out Jesus to our team. Yes, our reach is and goes beyond our team, but Jesus makes it clear not to neglect our “inner circle”.

As you start to think and prepare for your 30 Hour Famine with the hope of impacting students, your church, your community and beyond–remember to keep your team in mind. The materials and structure of the 30 Hour Famine are designed in such a way to provide opportunities for student leaders, parents, volunteers and church support. You will lead others on a spiritual, educational and experiential journey during the 30 hours of the famine but you also will have the opportunity to really disciple within your inner circle.

Reach out, but don’t forget to reach in.