By Tess Cassidy

Man sitting on rocky cliffAs a kid I was given a bracelet in Sunday School that had “FROG” written on it. Being an innocent and naive child, for the longest time I thought it was literally talking about frogs. Sometime later, I understood that “FROG” stood for Fully Rely On God. When I found out, it was more of an epiphany of the acronym rather than a comprehension of the catchy saying. As I grew older, I found this clever and I understood what it meant, but my thoughts went no deeper than to remember the acronym. As one might expect of a childhood accessory, the bracelet quickly disappeared into a corner in my room and was lost forever.

As the bracelet fell out of my life, so did the consideration of fully relying on God. I continued through life, building myself up as a strong individual in as many ways as possible. I was always involved in many activities and groups, but I made sure that I was never in over my head. God and I were close, but I was also my own independent self—refusing to grab onto his hand to steady myself if I ever tripped. I always made myself regain my own balance.

I continued regaining my balance again and again. This was strenuous, exhausting, and draining at times but didn’t keep me from getting back on my feet. I had tripped through life, but I had never stumbled to the point of falling.

This past year, I fell. With the combination of hard college classes, a full plate of activities, and a demanding summer job, I couldn’t support myself any longer. I was 100% in over my head. The self-reliance and strength I built up is nothing in compare to the power and love of God. Through my stubbornness, God showed me to fully rely on him. In order to build a successful life, I needed to start with Jesus as my cornerstone.

Unlike before, now I try to walk through life fully relying on God. As I look ahead to the rest of the year and many more years to come, I see that this isn’t the only spot I can fall. Life is a rocky trail where I will be stumbling and falling along the way. The only way to keep upright is to place all I have in God’s strength to hold me up. With complete faith in him at all times, we can survive. We can thrive in his kingdom and serve his children.

Now there’s good news: not everyone needs to experience such a large slap in the face. Looking back to the Famine each year, God was trying to show me I needed to rely on him. As I was unconsciously reliant on myself, I was very consciously reliant on food. Without my thoughts being consumed on food during the Famine, I realized my daily obsession of food should be translated to thinking about God. In John 6:35, “Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; he who comes to me will not hunger, and he who believes in me will never thirst.’” Throughout the Famine, we need to fully rely on God to succeed.

Now remember, I’m not saying rely on God; I’m saying fully rely on God. He is not just a stepping stone to help you reach your final destination. He wants us to surrender all we have to him. In our reliance on him, he will provide. He wants all of us, and we need all of him.