A Set Of Muscles For Dreaming


By Tash McGill

Dream bigI’m beginning to think that a dream alone is not enough. In fact, I have been convinced that a dream isn’t powerful at all.  The only power a dream has is the focus and motivation it gives you to take the steps required to achieve it.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, save money, shake a habit or create a new one – then you’ve tasted a tiny piece of what it’s like. The dream requires lots of action, but they are mostly very human actions. They are based in the natural world.

I’ve also been convinced that dreams need action and longing.  Longing and desire is what keeps a dream alive, when hope seems lost. Hope is a supernatural kind of a thing. Dreams need both natural and supernatural activity. Longing and desire is a bridge into the supernatural or spiritual world. Without longing, the dream can become dry and our motivation can ebb away.

Pursuing change in the world is hard work. It requires an extraordinary amount of dedication, action and commitment. When you commit to the Famine, you’re taking actions that reflect a longing for change in the world. Pray also. Share the longing you have for change and encourage others to join you in the longing and desire for change, in the action too.  When you wake at 3am hungry on the Famine weekend, recognize your body physically demonstrating the longing of your spirit.

Praying and asking others to pray alongside me is crucial. Sharing my longing with God and others, so that the dream stays strong and alive within me is necessary. Sometimes I feel afraid to share that longing and pursue my dreams with God because I’m scared that I’m asking for the wrong things.  But there is no Plan B with God – so by sharing my longing and praying for my dream to become reality, God can inspire me to other natural steps I should be taking or realign my heart to alternate paths. At the very least, by praying more regularly about my dreams – I am comforted in the Not-Yet season.

Pursuing a dream out of nothing but our own strength is sure to wear you down. No matter whether the dream is spiritually related or not, we are spiritual beings and we need to integrate that into every part of our lives. So a dream by itself is not powerful. But human actions alone are also not enough. Deep resonant dream-pursuing requires our whole self… spirit, mind and body.

I’m re-aligning my dream-chasing muscles. What are you dreaming for? I’ll pray for your dreams, too.