Your Role and Theirs, part 1: You


guardian angelBy Matt Williams

“But Lord,” Gideon replied, “How can I rescue Israel? My clan is the weakest in the whole tribe of Manasseh, and I am the least in my entire family!”

Judges 6:15 (NLT)

I love reading the biblical encounters between God’s messengers and the individuals chosen to act for God.  Almost every time, the human response is, “Uh, excuse me, are you sure you have the right person, because that’s a big job and I cannot do it.” And usually God’s angel or prophet quickly dispenses with that argument by responding, “It is okay, for God is with you…now get to work.”

I have some humbling news for all my fellow 30 Hour Famine leaders.  Are you sitting down?  Okay, here goes: YOU are the angel of the Lord in the 30 Hour Famine story. Now before you start downplaying your role, or before you start listing your sins and faults which disqualify you as a divine messenger, hear me out.  When it comes to your group, who is the one that says God has a mission for them?  YOU do.  Who is the one that sets aside doubt and reminds them that all things are possible with God?  YOU do.  And who is the one that tells your group it is time get to work?  YOU do.

Consider this illustration from our group’s Famine last year:

And so it was that in throughout the land people were hungry.  So the Lord sent His Angel Matt to the youth of Charlotte, way, way, way west of Jerusalem.  And there did Matt find Justin from the village of Waxhaw.  Matt spoke to him saying, “Fear not! God’s people are hungry throughout the land, and you Justin will feed them.”  But Justin was filled with doubt and replied, “I want to help, but this is only my second Famine.  I lack experience so I will try to raise $360 to help one person for a year.”  But the Angel Matt said, “Justin, God knows you, and is with you.  Make your goal $1,000, and be at peace.”  So with trepidation Justin began sharing the stories of hunger, and many were inspired to share their blessings.  As the days passed, Justin quickly had $300, then $600, then $900.  And soon, Justin’s gathering surpassed his goal, climbing higher than he ever thought possible.  And when the Angel Matt returned at the appointed hour, Justin said to him, “It is as you said: I have enough for five people for a year.”  And Matt said, “Well done Justin.  You used your gifts and talents and heart for the Lord, and He helped you do more than you could imagine.  Rest for a season, and then return to your work, for while five are fed, more are hungry.”  And Justin said, “I will serve the Lord.”

When your group does the 30 Hour Famine, remember your role is more than an organizer and planner.  You are an angel for the Lord.  Speak boldly about what God can do with and through the youth.  Help cast their doubts aside, and remind them of God’s presence in their efforts. Because when a young person experiences God helping them do more than they could ever do alone, it leads to a lifetime of faithfulness.

Now, put your wings on and get to work.  We’ve got messages to deliver!