4 things you need to know for National 30HF Weekend!


We are 3 DAYS AWAY from the first 30 hour Famine National Weekend of 2015! If you are one of the 1,700+ groups (nearly 45K students!), joining us this weekend, we have a few important & exciting things to keep in mind.


4 things you need to know for the National Weekend:

1. Right now, text 30HF to 44888. Why? For the first time ever, we will be sending out a few updates, encouragements, & photos via text! (They’re fun, we promise)

2. Preview our brand new video playlist & share with your students!

3. Theme-focused bible study! (Video & printable version online)

4. Famine Moment photo contest…send your favorite photo of the weekend to hhilpert@worldvision.org for a chance to be featured in next year’s materials! Hilary (our social gal) will also be living online this weekend and will be on the look-out for #30HF and #30hourfamine, & will be re-posting to our Facebook page!

Thank you for standing together and inviting your students into the business of changing of the world! If you are not participating this weekend, please join us in praying for the leaders and students who will be going hungry!

P.S. If you missed our blog post earlier this month (we forgive you), here are the full details.

Thank you for Making Hunger Your Fight.