Introducing The New Youth Mobilization Director, Nikki Myers


Quick note from the Famine Team:  Hey Famine Leaders! You will recognize this gal. Nikki has been an integral part of the “Famine Family” for last 3 years, serving leaders and students as our Outreach Manager. Throughout her time on our team, she has blown us away time and time again with her dedication & genuine love for youth, her passion for World Vision’s mission, and her spirit of service. We are beyond thrilled to be led by Nikki as we enter a new, exciting phase of our youth programs. Get ready for awesomeness.

–The Famine Team


By Nikki Myers

nikki el salvMy journey with World Vision started when I was 12. I went to a small Christian school and someone came and talked to us about global issues, poverty and child sponsorship. I gathered a few of my best friends together and we all decided to contribute $5/month to sponsor a child from Ethiopia. This didn’t surprise my mom much. From the age of 5 I had this unexplainable fascination with Ethiopia; I promised her I was going to go there and name my future daughter after the country. Fast forward 20 years and I had the chance to visit the beautiful country with our 2013 Study Tour students. I am sure we all have those humbling, thoughtful moments of “how did all this happen” “how did I get here,” that is how I felt in Ethiopia and still do on a pretty regular basis.

Never in a million years did I anticipate there would be a job that combined my passion for justice and interest in development with my love for working with young people and background in marketing. But I seemed to have found just that.

I could not be more excited to be leading the Youth Mobilization team. Our team has such a passion for serving you with resources, ideas, programs and opportunities to connect young people to the world around them and to see the heart of God through loving our neighbors. It is our desire to serve you, to challenge you and provide an avenue to equip young people to be the change makers they are.

I am excited for what is in store for our team and the ways we can continue to support, resource and serve you better! Now, about that future daughter of mine named Ethiopia…