5 Reasons to Apply for the Study Tour


Abby_StudyTourThere are hundreds of reason why you should apply for the Study Tour – Or, if you’re a leader – why you should encourage, nudge & inspire your students to do so. We could go on and on about how we’ve seen it transform their lives (an in turn, the world). But we won’t. We will let you hear instead, from previous Study Tour rock stars:

Lauren, Team Bolivia, 2010: Their capacity to love was endless. I knew meeting these people, seeing their faith, watching the differences being made, that I had to do whatever I could in my power to make a difference, maybe not in their lives but their children and their great grand children’s lives. Jesus Christ gave me this opportunity to look through those children’s eyes, those hardworking mothers and fathers, and see my purpose.

Tiff, Team Zambia, 2012: “Do not abandon us” these were the words of Zambian natives that still echo and influence my life today. The Study Tour challenged me to see the world through God’s lens, expanded my heart of compassion for the poor and saw poverty and hunger as a real problem that I have the potential to change. The Study Tour plucks you right out of your comfort zone to grow and fall more in love with God’s kingdom”

Tess, Team Ethiopia, 2013: “I expected to go on the Study Tour and have my heart broken by what I saw. Instead, an immeasurable amount of joy, happiness, and passion for these people consumed my heart. I’m no longer fighting for children around the world, but people I call friends.”

Preston Goff, Team Burundi, 2011: I believe that by accepting God’s call for me to spend a period of time in Africa, I was also entering into a contract or covenant with the people that I met while in Burundi. I know to this day that I have been charged with a responsibility to all of the people of the Earth who live without social justice.

Adam Sticca, Team Ethiopia, 2013: “As I began to really listen to all of the stories of the people here in Ethiopia, I also began to understand just how their lives have been changed by World Vision… There are beautiful lives, beautiful places, and beautiful people waiting to change everything you think you know about yourself and the world you live in.”

And finally, from former Study Tour participant, Caitlin: The Study Tour is a chance to see what God is up to, listen to people’s stories, and learn about World Vision’s programs. When it’s over, you don’t just pat yourself on the back and continue life as usual, you tell others about what you saw and how they can join the cause. It’s educational and beautiful, and probably nothing like anything your students have done before.

P.S. Applications are due MAY 7 and students must raise $500+ to apply! Watch our promo video and share with your group, here!