Bring a Few Students to the Student Justice Conference


By Mark Oestreicher, for the 30 Hour Famine team

SJC15-sunset-squareLast year, the 30 Hour Famine team spent some time thinking and praying about how we could provide Famine leaders and student participants with some “next level” stuff. We love hearing stories about students who become passionate about meeting the needs of others (whether it’s hunger, or other issues) as a result of Famine. And it’s for those students that we created the Student Justice Conference.

As much as a “30 Hour Famine Conference” sounded like it might be fun, we really felt you and your most passionate and justice-minded students would benefit from having other organizations, topics and expertise involved also. So we did something pretty unprecedented, really: we partnered with six other organizations to put together the best event we could imagine for high schoolers passionate about justice.

As a result, the Student Justice Conference is being collaboratively planned and hosted by:

  • World Vision (that’s us!)
  • The Youth Cartel
  • International Justice Mission
  • Plant With Purpose
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
  • World Relief
  • Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

Each of these organizations is bringing the full weight of their expertise, which means we’ll have speakers and seminars and learning tracks on dozens of domestic and global needs.

We know you probably already have your youth ministry summer calendar planned. And we’re not suggesting you cancel camp or a mission trip or something like that. Instead, we’re really hoping you will identify 2 – 4 of your high schoolers that are the most passionate about changing the world, and join us at the SJC this summer (in San Diego, July 30 – August 2).

The website is live, and has tons of info on it (with more info being added weekly). Early registration (really, the costs for this are very low and include accommodations and all meals) is through the end of April. And we want to offer a special deal to get a few more Famine groups at this event: The first 30 groups who use this link (a 30 Hour Famine-specific link) to register will get an additional 20% off their total registration cost.

Seriously, this thing is going to be amazing. And we really hope you’ll join us!