Let them fight!


By Sean Garner

Doppio ammasso di stelle nella costellazione del PerseoA long, long, time ago (when I was young and hip) in a church far, far away (from where I’m serving now), my wife and I were invited to house sit and “teen” sit for a family of four boys.

Of course, over the weekend an argument began that transformed, as was normal for them, into a ten minute wrestling match. Then, they walked away…content with their conflict resolution.

It is strange and confusing that God built IN us the tendency to fight.

Everyone does it in their own way…

Some of us, like these boys, wrestle our way through life.

Others fight for an issue.

Many of us are constantly wrestling internally with our thoughts, feelings or God’s work in our lives.

So, this year, with 30 Hour Famine, it’s time to allow yourself to embrace the FIGHT.

Don’t worry about avoiding the awkwardness of letting your group express what they’re frustrated, angry or fighting against in their life as a PART of your discussion (not as a distraction).

Soon, you’ll find (like Israel) your kids are looking for a champion (David), as they’re full of fear from a world that is big, bold, bragging and broken (like Goliath).

That kind of authenticity changes people. Being able to share their world opens their hearts to being able to change someone else’s world. Sometimes sharing facts or figures is the way to change a group’s perspective, but this year God has opened the door for you to aim right for their HEART.

Dig into YOUR passion book: what builds up a righteous anger in your life?

How do you fight: fair, unfair, cheap shots? How do you train for a fight?

How do respond when you lose a fight?

How do you cheer or jeer when you win a fight?

All of that is a great storehouse to bring out teaching about fighting hunger alongside World Vision.

With the opportunity that this year’s theme provides, dig deep into your world and help your group dig deeper into theirs to FIGHT the FIGHT!