38,000 strong


By 30 Hour Famine Team

this weekend will change the world.Starting TOMORROW, 1,500 churches and tens of thousands of teenagers (38,000 to be exact) will have their last meal for 30 whole hours. As one student said last year during her fast: “As our stomachs grow emptier, Jesus grows more abundant.” – Tess Cassidy, Ohio. That is our hope for your group as well.

We thank God for the giving spirit of a new generation of young people. We thank you leaders, volunteers, parents, teachers – all of you – for helping to bring this fire to life for each of your students. We pray for a life-changing experience. That sounds bold, and audacious, but we see it come to life each and every weekend through the 30 Hour Famine.

4 things you need to know for the 30 Hour Famine National Weekend:

1. Right now, text Leader2015 or Student2015 to 44888. // We will be sending out a few updates, encouragements, & photos via text! (They’re fun, we promise)

2. Check out our brand new video playlist & share with your students!

3. Theme-focused bible study! (Video & printable version online)

4. Famine Moment photo contest…send your favorite photo of the weekend to hhilpert@worldvision.org for a chance to be featured in next year’s materials! Hilary (our social gal) will also be living online this weekend and will be on the look-out for #30HF and #30hourfamine, & will be re-posting to our Facebook page!

We ask that you lift each other up in support & prayer, and know that our team is doing the same – along with our colleagues at World Vision! In fact, yesterday during our annual 30 Hour Famine Chapel, your brothers and sisters at World Vision (Seattle, WA) prayed for all 1,500 groups by name.