Videos, bible studies, and more for April National Weekend!


Make it your fight_2-2

It’s hard to believe the 2nd National Weekend of 2015 is already nipping at our heels (4/24-25)! This month alone, ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO GROUPS across the Nation are Making Hunger THEIR fight. That equals more than 44,300 teens giving up food, serving their communities, growing closer to Christ, and raising funds so that others may eat. In April alone! That’s right, you’re a big deal.

As you look over your own Famine weekend checklist, please take advantage of the brand new resources we’ve created just for you & your group including our global, 3-part bible study! (Because everyone loves a good Australian accent, right?)

4 things to know for National Famine Weekend:

1.) Text Leader2015 or Student2015 to 44888. Why? During 30HF weekend, will be sending out fun updates, never-before-seen videos, encouragement, & photos via text! (They’re fun, we promise)

2.) Ello, Mate! Here’s a 3-part bible study: As you may know, 30 Hour Famine is a GLOBAL program through World Vision. We’ve partnered with Famine leaders in Australia, USA, and New Zealand to give you fresh, unique content and discussion questions for your students leading up to Famine Weekend! Start “Week 1” at Youth group this week, and continue through 30HF weekend. (Video & printable version online)

3.) Aside from the video bible studies, we have have 3, new short videos showing you how the funds you raise make a difference. These can be used leading up to your event, and ruing your Famine Weekend!

4.) Say cheese! During Famine weekend, send your favorite photo to for a chance to be featured in next year’s materials! Hilary (our social gal) will also be on the look-out to give your groups shout outs as you reach your fundraising goals! (Just use #30HF and/or #30hourfamine).

We love you, leaders. Thank you for inviting 30 Hour Famine into your student ministry and partnering with us as we MAKE HUNGER OUR FIGHT. You have heard us say this before, but without your hard-earned funds, the Famine is just a nice idea.

Incredible progress is being made to reduce the number of deaths related to hunger. In fact, the number of kids dying from hunger today is HALF of what it was in the 90s. Still, there is much more to be done, but together, we are WINNING THIS FIGHT.

Thank you for Making Hunger Your Fight!