3 Ways to Help Nepal



3 Ways to Help Nepal

The people of Nepal need your support. Please join us in prayer & rally your students to help Nepal earthquake survivors. Here are a few ways:


– Pray for the families that have lost loved ones and are experiencing deep grief.

– Pray for relief workers who are rushing to provide aid.

– Additional prayer points.


You can set up an online group fundraiser here.

At Church:

– Select a few students to speak at church on Sunday about the disaster, and take up donations after each service. / *Bonus- ask your students to bake some treats that could be sold after service with proceeds going to the Nepal Earthquake.

– Penny wars. This week start a friendly competition between classes, grades, or ministries to see who can collect the most change for Nepal in one week.

– 78 envelopes: Saturday’s quake was a 7.8 magnitude. One of the largest in history. Post 78 envelopes in the church, and ask donors to choose one. The request inside can range from $1-$78. Whatever they pull, they give!

At School:

– Cafeteria take-over: Grab some orange buckets and have students pair up to take donations for Nepal during school lunches. Be sure they’re equipped with stats and photos to share. *Make sure the check with the school first!

– Head to your High School sporting events (soccer games, track meets, baseball games, etc), and set up a donation booth (or walk around and collect donations with orange buckets).  Ask the announcer to send people your way! /*Bonus: Get concession stands involved! Either with a donation jar, or a portion of their sales going towards Nepal relief.


– On Saturday April 25, a 7.8 Magnitude quake hit Nepal right near the Capital city, Kathmandu.

– Around half of the Nepalese population is under the age of 18. 

– Over 3,700 have died and numbers are expected to rise as remote areas are reached.

– As many as 6 million people affected.

– World Vision is addressing the most immediate needs including child protection, clean water, emergency food, household supplies, and temporary shelter.

– Want to give yourself? Donate here.

– Want to mail a donation? Download this form.