NEW site just for students!


IMG_7719Over the last several months, we’ve been dreaming up ways to offer your teenagers something more. And after much prayer, countless conversations with youth workers & students, and a whole-lotta work, we’ve launched a brand new platform for your students to care about the world around them.

Over the years, your students have made an impact on lives around the world. Whether it was through fasting for the 30 Hour Famine, learning about Biblical justice, or raising funds for kids in need, they made an impression.

Lucky for the world, there are other students like them, who also want to punch poverty in the face. Teenagers make up a pretty-dang-powerful group, and we want to be a part of what they are doing!

We’ve launched a brand NEW site for teenagers to do what they already do. Whether it’s sports, art, music, dance parties, Xbox, etc., we’ve found a way for them to turn their passions into something GOOD for others. The will also have opportunities to learn about poverty and Biblical Justice, and advocate for important legislation. Changing the world shouldn’t feel like rocket science.

Check out our new site, share with your group, and encourage them to start something awesome.

Thanks for all you do on behalf of students near & far.

– World Vision’s Youth Team