By Emily Robbins

I finished up summer planning this past week.  I’m finding that I have gotten more relaxed with summer plans since I moved to a new church two years ago.  My motivation is more about the relationships with my youth than scheduling lots of things to do.  It’s how I hoped ministry could be at this point.  It has just taken me a few years to move out of expectations of busy-ness.

When my summers were consumed with youth ministry busy-ness, I found that I would often lose sight of how God sees me.

Repeat after me:

I am beloved.   

So… right now know this, even if you…

  • haven’t planned a thing for the summer yet.
  • LOVE your summer plans but aren’t sure the youth will show up
  • planned something but already have parents, youth or other staff complaining about your plans
  • aren’t sure what summer plans are
  • are questioning your call to ministry these days
  • aren’t sure you make enough money for the work you put in
  • are exhausted because of personal situations
  • are new to ministry
  • have had half of your youth back out of the mission trip just yesterday

…remember that  you are good enough.


Ministry has its ups and downs – filled with peace and uncertainty and hope and mystery and heartbreak and beauty.  And somehow many of us in ministry let our insecurity drive how we serve instead of our beloved-ness.

It’s pretty amazing and exhausting to be a youth worker.  So remember your own beloved-ness and give yourself a break.

And have a great summer!