Meet Team Peru!


We are so excited to announce the members of our 2015 Study Tour to Peru! We had so many exceptional students apply for this opportunity (shout out to all that applied), and it was difficult to narrow down the applicants to a small group, but these 7 students exemplify what it means to be world changers. They have worked hard to fundraise for 30 Hour Famine and be agents of change in their own communities. We are excited for them to represent 30 Hour Famine when we travel to Peru in August. You’ll be hearing a lot from them as they report back on what a difference the funds YOU have helped raise are making in the lives of children and families in Peru.

Team PeruWithout further ado (drumroll, please)… Meet Team Peru!

Deanna, CT

Deanna is about to start her senior year, and she loves to travel the world. In fact, she’s already been to 13 countries! She’s outgoing and motivated, and we’re excited to see how she helps bring our group together.

Jaime, TX

Jaime is a genuinely happy person, and he’ll add a lot of joy to our trip. A couple of things we’ve learned about him are that he makes a killer guacamole (we might have to judge for ourselves) and can make a cool frog noise without opening his mouth (that should be useful).

Kate, IL

Kate is a high schooler who loves the color yellow, wakeboarding, skiing, and working backstage in theater. She let us know in her interview that if she were to go to Hogwarts, she would be sorted into Hufflepuff, which we think is pretty rad.

Michael, NJ

Michael is a fun-loving guy who loves to spend time at the beach and has a strange fear of centipedes (why do they need so many legs?!). He also loves to write. We think he’ll be great at writing about the projects we see and people we meet in Peru to share with all of you!

Michaela, OH

Michaela is incredibly nice – she loves doing small things for people that can make a big difference in their day. She also loves animals, and at one point her family had 19 animals in the house at once! We can’t wait to see what interesting animals Michaela will meet in Peru…

Suzanne, OR

Suzanne is a driven and caring soon-to-be college freshman who aspires to study ministry and theater. She loves giraffes and the color blue, and is pumped about getting a chance to head to Peru before she starts college this fall.

Tanner, WA

Tanner is headed to college this fall, where he’s excited to study music, Chemistry, and Spanish. He loves to collect vinyl records, sing, play the violin, and run. Tanner is also an amazing fundraiser and is excited to see what some of the funds he has raised have gone towards!