Countdown for departure to Peru



Michael Atlas

As the days countdown for departure to Peru, I can’t help but be filled with excitement when I think about the coming trip. It’s been this way ever since I heard the news that I was actually accepted onto the team and it has been growing ever since! Back then, questions of all sorts swarmed my mind: What would I see? Who would I meet? What would I learn? Now, with flights scheduled and hotels booked, I still don’t really know what to expect, but I know for sure it’s going to be the experience of a lifetime.

In Peru, we’ll be traveling between different ADP communities, talking to the people living there and seeing how World Vision helps in each area. I know that I, as well as everyone else on the team, am looking forward to meeting the many Peruvians that World Vision has helped, talking to them and really connecting with them. I’m excited to hear their stories with open ears, and see how God works within their lives. We are all also bringing gifts for the kids, so we can play with them and help them to have fun. I can only hope that our presence in Peru will brighten their week, as well as everyone else’s, and that through our faith we will give them hope.

Now, this is a study tour after all, an opportunity to go and experience first hand how World Vision helps the less fortunate. I’m excited to go out and learn, to see World Vision succeeding in the fight against world hunger and poverty. I know that throughout the week we will all learn plenty of new things about service, about God, and about ourselves. I’m especially looking forward to talking to some of the World Vision staff in Peru, seeing how God has influenced their lives and how they have been inspired to help fight world poverty. Hopefully, I, as well as all of us going on this trip, will come back changed for the better from what we see and what we learn on this “adventure” of sorts. It could very easily inspire any one of us to dedicate our lives to service, and will give us the background to help for the rest of our lives.

I am so thrilled for this wonderful trip, and everything that it has to offer. My hopes and excitement know no boundaries, and I’m eager for everything that I’m going to see and learn. I cannot wait to see what’s awaiting me in Peru, and I know that the rest of my team feels the very same way.