Sharing Living Water


By Brian Mateer

sharing-living-water“Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, 38 and let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.” –John 7:37-38

I recently returned from a trip to northern Haiti where my church is involved in several ministries. One of our exciting opportunities was to visit a village where we had just funded the building of a new clean water well.

After passing through customs and collecting our bags at the airport, our group piled into a Land Rover and began to work our way through the busy streets of Cap Haitien, eventually making it to the beautiful Haitian countryside. After twenty minutes of driving, we turned off onto a gravel road passing fields of shade grown coffee and plantain trees. Soon, we came to an unmarked fork in the road turning left and continuing our journey. After several more turns, weaving around potholes and crossing several dry riverbeds, we arrived in a small community of mud and stick homes. Then we pull down a small alley and crossed a stream where pigs wallowed, women washed clothes and young men cleaned their Hoajin motorcycles.

Finally we stopped, and our Haitian partner motioned us out of the vehicle. After a short walk, we arrived at a new hand-pump well with a fresh concrete pad. At first, we saw a few people milling about their homes; but before long a crowd of people gathered around the well, clearly wondering why Americans had come to their small corner of the world.

We were given a short demonstration of how the well operated. Then the villagers were told we came from the church that provided the well.  We were greeted with big smiles, words of “thanks” and celebration. The well means the community will no longer need to use the stream we had just crossed for drinking and cooking and it also greatly reduces the risk of Cholera in the community. It was truly a humbling experience.

Thankfully, I had the privilege of seeing the recipients of missional giving on this trip to Haiti. I also have firsthand experience of the impact on people’s lives through efforts of youth leaders and students participating in the 30 Hour Famine. Not only are you giving the gift of meeting someone’s physical needs you are also demonstrating the love of Christ and are sharing the gift of Living Water through your efforts.

Fundraise, go hungry and give the gift of Living Water. Do the Famine!