Never Under-Qualified


By Tess Cassidy

never-under-qualifiedAs I sat down to write this, I thought of all the ways I was under-qualified for this task: I don’t work for World Vision; I’m in college and my major is nothing close to English or rhetoric; I haven’t done the 30 Hour Famine in a year or two; and I don’t work with teenagers. Yeah, that seems like a legitimate list. So why am I doing this?

I remember thinking about a similar long convincing list trying to reason with myself when I was twelve and “under-qualified” to fight world hunger. I’m only twelve—that’s too young to make an impact. I don’t have much money to give. I’m not tough enough to last 30 hours without food. I created more and more reasons and excuses to get out of it and convince myself I wasn’t worthy. I wanted to give in to the idea I was extremely under-qualified to take on world hunger.

Despite my reasoning and internal resistance, I started on an unexpected journey of a lifetime with World Vision.

Facing the beast of world hunger, I could easily compare my twelve-year-old self to the Bible story of David and Goliath. Just like David, I was in over my head by most people’s standards. I didn’t have a sword to fight—just a few pebbles. My pebbles were passion, guts, and hope. I didn’t bring much in my eyes, but it was enough. God equips the called.

Looking at the statistics, it’s a big intimidating task to try and solve world hunger. At 12 years old, it seemed impossible. But at 14 years old, I saw the number of lives lost due to hunger get updated–

and staggeringly drop. Then, as the Famine continues onward year after year, the numbers continued to change. We were participating in making actual change in the world!

Even better news: the 30 Hour Famine and world hunger relief have gained more momentum than ever before. This is, in fact, because “under-qualified” people are picking up their pebbles and taking a stand. They are rising to the challenge with their game face on, unrattled by the magnitude of the problem. They have nothing to lose—and only the world to give to others.

Now, it’s not always easy to pick up pebbles and participate in saving the world. Sometimes you might need to help the “under-qualified” find their pebbles. What do they need? Empowerment? Trust? Encouragement? Praise? Whatever it may be, help others search the stream for their pebbles. Make sure you know—and others know—there is never such thing as under-qualified in God’s kingdom.