Meet Ekai


Seattle1You’ve probably heard that 2016 will bring a lot of changes to the 30 Hour Famine. In a survey we sent out last year, you told us that you wanted more videos, new activities, and a way to connect to the kids we go hungry for. We took that seriously and invited a small group of youth pastors out to Seattle this past summer to take all your feedback and really dig in to what that meant and what changes really needed to take place.

Many brilliant ideas came out of that gathering of youth pastors, but one idea in particular will allow the 30 Hour Famine to take on a new shape. We took this idea and ran with it, and you’ll see it firsthand it when you receive your kits for 2016. The idea is this: Re-structure the 30 Hour Famine event into “modules” that start with a video, then go into an activity, then a debrief. We are really excited about the videos that will usher this time. Through the videos you’ll follow one child from the field and experience what a day in life is like for him. We sent our videographer friend Max to Kenya to find the perfect person for this video series. We’d like to introduce you to him…


Meet Ekai.

Ekai is a 12-year-old boy living in Kakuma, Kenya. As you get to know him through the videos, you’ll learn how he spends his days, which usually involve school, soccer, and taking goats to pasture. You’ll learn what he wants to be when he grows up and what games he plays with his friends and siblings. You’ll learn about the food his family eats and how often they eat.

We pray that knowing Ekai’s story helps your students put a face to the big and sometimes impersonal issue of hunger. Our goal with this experience is for your students to see humanity there, to know that people who are hungry are just like us – they play and learn and have amazing dreams for when they grow up. They just lack a resource that most of us are so blessed to have access to.

So this year, we go hungry for Ekai and for the millions of kids out there like him, the smiling, fun-loving, full-of-potential kids who need some good nutritious food. We go hungry for 30 hours, but we’ll stay hungry for justice until this world is Hunger Free for every. single. person.  Are you in?