Whose Struggle is Real?


famine-struggle-is-realBy Shawn Kiger

For the first time in my life I am trying to lose weight. For me, giving up soda and snacks after dinner (my favorite is a bowl of cereal before bed), has been hard.  I have caught myself several times whining about what I wish I could eat. The struggle is real!

But then I remember the lessons I have learned through leading 30 Hour Famine events and going to Zimbabwe several years ago with World Vision. While I have so much to eat that it makes it unhealthy for me, much of the world does not have enough to eat. I have to struggle to not eat things that are not good for me; many have to struggle just to have enough to eat to survive. I was wrong before. Their struggle is real, while mine is only an issue of discipline!

As we head into the season when so many groups will be doing the 30 Hour Famine, let’s think about our relationship with food. Particularly, let’s use our interactions with food to remember those who don’t have adequate access to food.