Famine Sponsorship


By Travis Hill

hill.famine sponsorship.student info cardHopefully, if you have been doing 30 Hour Famine, you have bought into the greater aspect of World Vision, that of child sponsorship. One of the best and easiest ways to build a connection between hungry children and adults your teenagers know is through this sponsorship model. Not only do you get to send things, games, toys, letters, pictures, and more to your sponsor child, but you also receive things back as well: encouragement, gratitude, updates, and more.

We wanted to build a similar connection between the students participating in 30 Hour Famine and the larger congregation. So last last year we tried a Famine Sponsorship plan. Students took and sent us selfies, which we quickly added to an info card. On the front, we printed the student’s name and grade, along with a picture and our team’s website for donations and updates. On the back we called the congregation to do more (see attached sample). They were asked to Pray, Donate, Advocate, and even Fast with the students.

We set up a booth very similar to what you see at events in our lobby. By folding cardstock, we crafted envelopes with student names for the half-paged information sheets and stuffed each envelope with four or five identical info sheets. Then when more students added on, we made more envelopes and more flyers. If an envelope ran out of info sheets, we would print more or move others closer to the edges of the table to encourage people to support all our students.

Over the 6 weeks we had a presence in the church lobby, we didn’t just pass out information about students participating, but also engaged and interacting with people who had never known what 30 Hour Famine was all about. It was a huge success: students felt supported, congregation members engaged in what we were doing, and we raised more awareness (which also translated into more financial support!).