Fundraising Idea — Link Up!


fundraising-idea-link-upTess Cassidy

Feeling a bit competitive?

In my youth group, we were always up for a little friendly competition– especially when it was boys vs. girls. We were even more into it when there was a lot at stake: the youth room to sleep in, complete with futons and seven foot sack bean bag chairs. If your gender lost, you had to sleep in another room on the hard floor. There was a lot on the line.

When Famine fundraising started, so did a paper chain in our fellowship hall. Each link represented a $10 donation, and each link was either pink or blue to match the “teams”. At youth group, participants added links for the amount they fundraised the past week.

We wanted to get more than the youth involved in our competition– we wanted the entire congregation participating. Since the paper chain was quickly wrapping the fellowship hall, everyone saw the growth of it (and who was winning). Adults, youth, and children asked questions about the craft surrounding the room. Each Sunday, the pastor would update the congregation on the status of the competition and encourage all to donate. This usually included a bias recommendation, but hey, who doesn’t have a side? After the service, people could buy a link for the team of their choice!

Here are some reasons to do it:

  1. Everyone loves being a kid again by making a paper chain.
  2. Competition is fun– especially if there’s a good incentive.
  3. The entire church sees it.
  4. It’s easy to get involved! Just $10 to the team of your choice.
  5. You can do this in addition to any fundraiser event you have.

You can easily change up some variables to suit your group. Do tribe vs. tribe instead of boys vs. girls. Change the value of a link. Reward the winning group by being able to break the fast first. It’s up to your group! If you have a big fundraising event already (such as a carwash, fundraising dinner, etc.), this can easily supplement it and donations can go towards chain links. Compete against each other, but in the end you are all competing for a greater cause: ending world hunger.