Fundraising Ideas With a Twist


fundraising-ideas-with-a-twistBy Adam McLane

I have to be honest. Fundraising isn’t one of my gifts. I’m really awkward at it.

I find that my best bet for making it less awkward is to take something people are already familiar with and add a little “Adam Twist.”

Here are eight ideas you can try as you get ready for this year’s 30 Hour Famine.

1. Not-So-Silent Auction. You know the old stand-by, the silent auction. You get people to donate items (gift certificates, vacation property, access to private jets, you know… the norm) and then people submit bids. At the end of the night the highest bidder takes home the item. In this twist you’ll give a teenager a megaphone or access to the churches social media accounts to make as much noise and have as much fun with selling each item as you can. Make up a “silent” number… if a bid reaches that number, the item [and the noisy teenager] is silenced.

2. Exclusive Alumni-Only Dinner. You know the pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner? Well in this twist you’ll make youth group alumni the special guests, actually the only guests! Get people of the church to pitch in and pay way too much per person. When your alumni come, ask them to share life updates, what God is doing in their lives, etc.

3. Speed Non-Dating. Host a fun social event for your entire church community. Invite everyone on a Sunday morning to come back on Sunday night for an event you run a lot like speed dating, just with the intent of people getting to know one another. (Um, don’t forget to invite the students!) Charge $10 to get in and presto, instant cash for food security around the globe.

4. Hire-a-thon. Take over part of a Sunday morning service to get people in your congregation hiring teenagers for jobs around their house or around town. That’s right, it doesn’t just have to be at their house! Someone can donate money to have your group do graffiti removal or park clean-up or anything like that.

5. Pop-Up Family Dinner. Wouldn’t it be cool to have family dinner served at your favorite park, after a soccer game, or somewhere else special? Charge families $100 to get a pop-up dinner put together by the youth group. Kick it up a notch by bringing some entertainment, board games, etc.

6. Singing Telegrams (and Insurance). Offer singing telegrams to people in your congregation and make them CRAZY! (Costumes, dancing, etc) For people who don’t want to have a singing telegram show up at their place of business… No problem, sell insurance for $20 per week!

7. VIP Parking. Sell VIP parking at your church. Sure, it’s a little odd. But have fun with it by offering red carpet service to the highest bidder. The more ridiculous the better.

8. Double Your Star(Bucks). Challenge your church to match their coffee purchases for a week in donations to the 30 Hour Famine.