Regaining Your Focus


focus-30-hour-famineBy John Sorrell

A while back I was sitting in a mall waiting for a friend, and decided to do some people watching. I was drawn to this lady walking toward a fountain intensely texting. I have no idea who she was writing, but I am thankful that I was not on the receiving end the textual onslaught she was laying down. What intrigued me was that she was walking straight toward this large fountain in the middle of the mall. I had to see whether she was going to notice it or not. I had to see if she was going to walk right into this fountain in the middle of a mall on a Tuesday afternoon.

She kept walking toward the fountain and furiously texting. At the last step, you know the step right before she would have half kicked the side and been off balance enough to take the splash, she noticed the water, and–bending forward while planting her feet kind of like a jack knife–she saved herself from the dive.  I was disappointed and quickly had to hide that I was watching every step while she looked around trying to see if there were any witnesses.

Then she gained composure and turned toward me to walk around the water display. That was when I saw her shirt and couldn’t help from truly laughing out loud. In huge writing across the front of her shirt was one word, “Focus!” The irony was amazing. It may be simplistic, but if you think about it the implications are immense.

We all can get focused on certain things at the wrong time. Hey, even a few of us have been that girl or guy who have walked into a sign, glass door or fountain because we were focused on our devices, or something else much more minor than where our focus should be.

This summer I’ve had an opportunity to be on sabbatical for several weeks. This has been a unique opportunity to re-focus on why I do what I do. I’m reflecting on the “why” behind my love for things like mission trips, camps, hangout times with teenagers and everything else that comes with summer (things I’m missing this summer!). The reasons we do student ministry vary in their complexity and intersect in their simplicity. My hope and encouragement is that you are able stop and refocus, if needed.

If you find yourself distracted, for whatever reason, and losing steam or feeling wiped out, take some time and refocus on why you do this. If you have been so focused on the logistics and haven’t had time to pray over how God is going to move, refocus your time and your prayers. Maybe it’s the opposite and you’ve prayed and prayed and need to focus on the details and preparation more this time around. It could be some quality time with your family or personal reflection time to help recognize areas of our life that need more attention.

Let’s make sure we are working to focus on the important things, instead of just wearing the t-shirt.