My Calling is Changing and Staying the Same



By Brian Mateer

Almost two years ago I felt God calling me into full-time mission service through the church.  I had been serving as a full-time youth leader at a church for 13 years.  Deciding to move was a difficult decision.  The move meant I would be leaving extended family, friends, our home church and community and youth ministry.  I knew I was following God’s plan for my life but the transition was hard.

The first year at my new church was exciting, scary, and incredibly busy learning new people and navigating a new context in ministry.  Additionally, our family was adjusting to a new life in a different city and state and all the challenges a move brings.

At the beginning of my second year our church hosted my good friend and his youth group for a mission week in our city.  I was able to spend time with his group, participate with them in some of the mission projects, and share with them during small group time.  It was a wonderful week being able to step back into the youth ministry world.

After reflecting on my week with the visiting youth group I remembered how much I love youth ministry.  I didn’t know how much I missed working with teenagers.  I recognized in a new ministry role I am still wired to work with young people.  I even feel I am a better person when I have regular interactions with youth.

Consequently, I have been seeking ways to be involved with youth in our church and community.  I am challenged to create opportunities for intergenerational missions and I have invited teenagers to serve along with me in roles that make decisions about missions at our church.

God revealed to me I hadn’t left youth ministry.  Youth ministry takes place during my weekly interactions with teenagers.  I’m called by God to a new role and I’m also created by God to be a minister to youth.   I’ll always be in youth ministry.

How are you leaning into your calling today? How is your calling changing over time (if at all)?