What About the Other Days?


By Dan Berggren, 30 Hour Famine staff


Slide1A “first” day.

School. New job. Marriage. Dating. Internship. The beginning of a new year. Jumping off the high dive. Baby. Accepting Jesus. They are filled with joy, apprehension, terror, excitement, nervousness and hope (to say the least).

“Firsts” are filled with so many emotions and they make you, me, us feel alive. We tell stories about them. We document them in FB, Twitter and Instagram. We blog about them.  Here’s what I know about firsts: there aren’t very many of them. That’s both sad and a good thing. It would be exhausting to live through firsts every single day. Somehow, and mostly after-the-fact, I wish I had more firsts, but too many leave me exhausted, not exhilarated.

What do we do with the other days? “Others.” It doesn’t even have the same ring to it as “firsts.” They matter though, right? When I’m working on the Famine team, there are days when I experience firsts and there are other days. Just like all of us. There are times when I wonder about my passion on those days. Am I making a difference in the world? Am I doing my best for God today? On the other days, I need to be better about seeing and seeking God’s love and how I share that with the people around me.

Last year I challenged myself to genuinely compliment someone every day. I had it on the to do list on my whiteboard. (I did okay, surprisingly, as it’s not as easy as I thought it would be). The intentionality of responding to God’s love in the world around me…helps me get through the important other days.

I imagine that your summer is filled with firsts and others. Whether today is a first or other, I want to encourage you. THANK YOU for all that you do to impact the lives of your students and the world’s hungry for good. I’m profoundly grateful for what you do to fundraise on behalf of the hungry of our world. THANK YOU!