Jump With Us From a Facebook Page to a Group


By Mark Oestreicher


We’re making a strategic jump, and we’re really hoping you’ll jump with us!

Facebook sure has implications – good and not-so-good – for youth ministry, right? In some ways, its existence has made it easier to stay connected to current and former youth group members, and to get a glimpse into their lives. On the other hand, it can quickly become a seduction or a shackle.

We’ve been super pleased by the size and health of the Facebook page for the 30 Hour Famine. With 37,000 ‘likes,’ it’s a massive group, which is encouraging. But the more we work to communicate with Famine leaders, the more we are finding the limitations to this Facebook page. One of the biggest challenges is that Facebook recently changed their algorithm for pages, only allowing them to show up on the timelines of a tiny percentage of those who theoretically follow that page; unless the sponsor of the page pays Facebook to promote posts.

And, honestly, while we have nothing against Facebook, we’d rather use 30 Hour Famine funds to help hungry children.

Facebook pages are also somewhat restrictive in their use (for instance: 30 Hour Famine leaders can comment on a post there, but they can’t post something themselves). But Facebook groups don’t have these restrictions. And since you opt-in to a group, you’ll be able to both engage more with the content there, as well as see more of it in your timeline.

For those reasons and others, we’re taking a big risk (hey, great ministry always includes big risks, right?). We’re moving from a Facebook page to a Facebook group.

BUT: we can’t simply move you. And we can’t convert the page to a group.

Instead: we need you to jump with us. In this case, that simply means clicking over to the new closed group for the 30 Hour Famine and asking to join. You can do that in about 2 seconds (assuming you have a Facebook account!) by clicking here and then click “Join”. That’s it. Easy peasy. NOTE: we’ll be shutting down the current 30 Hour Famine Facebook page at the end of September: so please make this change now!

We know we’re not going to have 37,000 people in that new group. But we’re hoping that something one-tenth of that size will actually be better and more helpful.

So: wanna jump with us?